January 2018


While your credit score affects everything from your ability to buy a car or a home to how much interest you will pay on the loan, many people don't know how these scores are calculated or what inpacts them positively or negatively.
Moreover, says Credit Federal of America more than 25 percent of respondents in a recent survey did not know that a low credit score could increase the cost of a car loan by $5,000.  More than half didn't realize that utility companies, cellphone companies and even insurers sometimes check credit scores before issuing services - or that multiple inquiries in a short time, as when you are shopping for a loan are treated as one inquiry in order to minimized the impact on your score.
Here is more information about credit scores that every consumer should know. . . . . .
All credit scores are not the same.    Most people assume their credit score is a single three digit number, but each of the three major credit bureaus scores you  differently, since they don't necessarily have the exact  same data in their files.
Closing off a bad debt will not erase it from your score.  Closing old or inactive accounts may inadvertently lower your credit score because now your credit history appears shorter.  If you want to simplify, close newer credit accounts first, or put the cards away so you don't use them, but your credit history stays intact.
Paying off a bad debt will not erase it from your score.  Once a debt goes to collection, or you've established a history of late payments, you will deal with the consequences even if you pay off what you owe.  It will show as paid, but it is not erased.  Also, while your score will get a boost if you pay off an old debt, it may not be by as much as you think.  The best way to increase your scores and keep them high is to make payments on time every month over the long haul.
Co-signing for a loan ipacts your scores.  When you co-sign for someone else's loan, you are responsible for the debt - and if the person you co-signed for does not pay, your credit score will be impacted.

January 2018


The prospect of a profitble sale can push real estate agents and individual homeowners alike to list a home before it's truly ready to hit the market.  However, due to the breach of duty regulations, a real estate agent can be at risk of a lawsuit if a homebuyer finds problems with the house that were not disclosed during negotitions.  That's why it is important to perfotm a thorough safety check before listing a home for sale.  Home safety includes all of the grounds, so this guide will cover everything from in-home to out of home safety.
Pools are far and away from the most dangerous part of a residential home with one child under 14 a day drowning on the average.  There are several steps a homeowner should take before listing a home with a pool for sale:
Install VGB-compliant drain covers
Properly store hazardous pool chemicals away from the pool site
Ensure the pool is covered with an adequate safety cover
Nearly every Americabn surburban home has a lawn, but most people aren't aware of the potential hazards.  Here are some actionable steps to take before listing.
Remove pet feces and sharp items like rocks or glass from the yard
Check for poisonous/hardful plants like poison ivy and remove if present
Properly store weed killers ewith hazardous chemicals away from the lawn.
The average momentary value of property damage from a fire was $16,610 in 2016, according to data collected by the Nation Fire Protection Assoc.  If the homeowner is accused of negligence, they will have to pay for all damages.
Before listing the home fot sale, check for damaged plugs and appliances, overload outlets and multiple extensions cords.  All three of these are risk factors for a home fire.  Additional, you'll want to ensure that outdoor cooking appliances like grills are at a safe distance from the home.
It shouldn't be surprise that the kitchen is one of the most hazardous areas of the home, since it has the most electrical and gas appliances.  One crucial but often overlooked safety features of a kitchen is a working fire extinguisher.  By purchasing one and leaving it in the kitchen, you will be preventing any negligence lawsuits pertaining to a grease or electrical fire.

November 2017

In a recent meeting with Industry experts - We are in uncharted territory . . . . so be prepared for anything !

  Sept 2017

From a satisfied client . . . . .

Thank you very much ! It was a plesure working with you.  You are the consummate real estate professional.

   In case you did not know, I also do Property Management.  But only in the Greater Kirkland area.   If you are interested in knowing more about this service, please give me a call.

425-827- 6676

I am so very pleased to introduce the new members of my Team . . . .
Janessa and Sharon and Becky

1320 Market St  Suite "B"
Kirkland, Wa 98033


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King County Property Taxes
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JANUARY Top of Page

Polar Bear Plunge
January 1st  2018 - 1:00 pm  Free Marina Park 

Each year on January 1st Hundreds of Eastsiders flock to Kirkland's Marina Park to ring in the New Year at the Polar Bear Plunge.  This "Unofficial" event will be held at 1 pm sharp on New Years Day ( Arrive early as warm up begins at 12:30) join the fun at the 12th annual Polar Bear Plunge !

Parklane Gallery Winter Show of small works
Through January 7th Park Lane Gallery

Parklane Gallery Winter Show of small works features big things that come in small packages.

Golden Dragon acrobats
January 14th  1 pm and 5 pm  Kirkland Performance Center

The Golden Dragon Acrobats represent the best of a time-honored tradition that began more than 25 centuries ago.  The Golden Dragons are recognized throughout the United States and abroad as the premier Chinese Acrobatic touring company of today.

Marc Cohn's 25th Anniversary show
January 26th  8 pm  Kirkland Performance Center

Marc Cohn is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his platinum-selling debut record with a series of very special concerts.  Joined by an all star band, Marc will be performing his Grammy-winning record in its entirety.

Afternon Tea at the Trellis
January: Thursday through Sunday  12 pm to 4 pm Trellis - Heathman Hotel

From Pork Belly BLT's to Hand Rolled Truffles, our new Afternoon Tea menu puts a modern spin on this beloved tradition.  Reservations required and must be booked 24 hours in advance.

Thistle Theater:Beatric Potter's Two bad Mice
January 18th  6-7 pm  7718 NE 141st Stret  Kirkland

Young Beatrix Potter re-enacts the day her pet mice came to be called " two bad mice"   The mice, Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca are driven to outrageous behavior when they discover the delicious looking food in the Doll House is inedible plaster.

Second Friday Downtown Art and Wine Walk
 January 12th  5-8 pm  Downtown Kirkland

Stroll through downtown Kirkland and Parkplace Center the second Friday of every month for the Kirkland Downtown Art Walk.  Among the participants are Howard Mandville Gallery, Parklane Gallery, the Kirkland Art  Center Store in Kirkland Parkplace and downtown businesses.

Beast of Burden and Petty Differences

January 13th  8 pm Kirkland Performance Center

Beasts of Burden and Petty Differences, two bands in Seattle join up to pump out hits that span the decades.  These fun dynamic and high octane bands bring the sprit, the moves and the spontaniety by two of the world's greatest rock-n-roll bands.

Farmer's Markets Top of Page

Juanita Farmers Market
Every Friday starting June 2nd thru September  29th 2017 from 3:00 to 7:00 PM  Juanita Beach Park  -  

Friday Market offers delicious locally grown fruits, fresh produce and beautiful flowers.  Special guests are featured in the community booth and there is live music all summer long.  FREE

Downtown Kirkland Farmers Market
Every Wednesday starting June 7th - 2017 to September 27th 2017 from 2:00 to 7:00 PM  Marina Park. 

Vibrant, Lively and Luscious, the Kirkland Wednesday Market features locally produced fruits, vegetables, cheese, meats, jams, breads and pastries along with the arts and crafts.

Kirkland Continous Events Top of Page

Kirkland Heritage Society
Meets every last Wednesday  of the month at 7:00 PM at the Heritage building on Market street.

Life Open studio
Drop in drawing, painting or sculping sessions.  Open to the community; registration not required.  $8 .00 fee.  Sundays 1-4:00pm - 3rd floor - Kirkland Arts Center

Wine Tasting, Tours,, Libations and More
Drop in to Sip and Savor ( check websites for tasting info and details)

         Bin on the lake: 
         Enjoy Fine varietals at a value locally( check websites for details)


          Brix Wine Cafe: 

         Grand Reve Winters: 
         The Grape Choice: 
         Northwest Cellars:  
         Pondera Winery:  


Cooks Delight
Local Area cooking classes ( check websites for full schedules)

          Sur La Table:           Details:


Last Friday of each month 6:30 pm/Kirkland Arts Center- come share a meal and discuss current art issues, includes short presentation and creative exercise.

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